2018 Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Program

February 1-3 2018

Thursday, February 1st

18:15 – Shorts 1 – Obsession
20:30 – Feature – BOOK OF BIRDIE
22:30 – Feature – LYLE + Nothing a Little Soap and Water Can’t Fix

Friday, February 2nd

15:00 – Talk: The Woman and the Vampire
17:00 – Shorts 2 – Mind Games
19:00 – Shorts 3 – Dark Gatherings
23:15 – Feature – PREVENGE

Saturday, February 3rd

14:30 – Storyboarding Workshop
16:30 – Shorts 4 – Metamorphoses
18:15 – Filmmaker Panel
20:00 – Feature – PIN CUSHION
21:45 – Shorts 5 – Family Dysfunction
23:15 – Shorts 6 – Serial Killers


Please contact us via finalgirlsfilmfest (at) or use the contact form if you would like an accreditation.

Tickets are now available on the b-ware! Ladenkino website!

PhilaMOCA presents Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Death (and dismemberment) to patriarchy

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival has christened their eclectic international showcase of feminist horror cinema by appropriating the perfect trope. In the horror film genre, the Final Girl is the last woman standing, the one who lives to tell the tale after watching her friends get tortured, eaten, incinerated, chopped up into little pieces, or what have you. She suffers. She is a screamer.

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Something Sinister @ Filmmaker Magazine

As the industry and media have increasingly placed a spotlight on the filmic achievements of female directors, the recent rush of celebrated genre films masterminded by women — Julia Ducournau’s Raw, Alice Lowe’s Prevenge, Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook and Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation, among them — has been cited as a welcome phenomenon, but it’s not an altogether new one. A network of female-driven genre film festivals that celebrate the activities and influence of women in the genre cinema community have been running for, in some cases, decades. Filmmaker and programmer Briony Kidd says, drily, “The idea that it might be good to focus on women directors in horror has become quite accepted.”

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