2018 Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Program

February 1-3 2018

Thursday, February 1st

18:15 – Shorts 1 – Obsession
20:30 – Feature – BOOK OF BIRDIE
22:30 – Feature – LYLE + Nothing a Little Soap and Water Can’t Fix

Friday, February 2nd

15:00 – Talk: The Woman and the Vampire
17:00 – Shorts 2 – Mind Games
19:00 – Shorts 3 – Dark Gatherings
23:15 – Feature – PREVENGE

Saturday, February 3rd

14:30 – Storyboarding Workshop
16:30 – Shorts 4 – Metamorphoses
18:15 – Filmmaker Panel
20:00 – Feature – PIN CUSHION
21:45 – Shorts 5 – Family Dysfunction
23:15 – Shorts 6 – Serial Killers


Please contact us via finalgirlsfilmfest (at) or use the contact form if you would like an accreditation.

Tickets are now available on the b-ware! Ladenkino website!

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival #2 – June 2017

Welcome to the second edition of Final Girls Berlin Film Festival ‘17!

All of the horror films you’ll see here were directed, written, and/or produced by women and non-binary filmmakers.

We believe that horror is a beautiful, messy, and fruitful means of resistance, as well as a visceral medium for exploring ills and incongruities, whether internal, interpersonal, or societal.

The films we’re presenting relish in various forms of resistance: deconstructing or decimating traditional representations of women in film; blurring bodily boundaries; highlighting the perversions lurking within the nuclear family structure; twisting and contorting the conventions of romance; painting bloody portraits of revenge… Sometimes this resistance takes the form of unbridled and unapologetic fantasy, no matter how ugly.

These women and non-binary horror-makers are powerful, asskicking agents of chaos and disruption who deserve to be celebrated. Our mission is to bring these filmmakers and their largely unseen bloody gems to Berlin’s feminist horror-loving spectators. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the horror talks/workshops and art exhibition in the Moviemento lounge, where we’ll also be selling our ghastly and muchcoveted FGB T-shirts.

We look forward to serving you a tasty array of thrills, chills, kills, ills, and terror-packed film bills!!!

–Sara Neidorf, co-director of Final Girls

See full program as pdf