PhilaMOCA presents Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Death (and dismemberment) to patriarchy

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival has christened their eclectic international showcase of feminist horror cinema by appropriating the perfect trope. In the horror film genre, the Final Girl is the last woman standing, the one who lives to tell the tale after watching her friends get tortured, eaten, incinerated, chopped up into little pieces, or what have you. She suffers. She is a screamer.

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Something Sinister @ Filmmaker Magazine

As the industry and media have increasingly placed a spotlight on the filmic achievements of female directors, the recent rush of celebrated genre films masterminded by women — Julia Ducournau’s Raw, Alice Lowe’s Prevenge, Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook and Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation, among them — has been cited as a welcome phenomenon, but it’s not an altogether new one. A network of female-driven genre film festivals that celebrate the activities and influence of women in the genre cinema community have been running for, in some cases, decades. Filmmaker and programmer Briony Kidd says, drily, “The idea that it might be good to focus on women directors in horror has become quite accepted.”

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Film Reviews @ Suddenly, a shot rang out

A Tricky Treat/Shortcut (Shorts) (Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2017)

Playing in Final Girls’s Dying of Laughter shorts program is the comic A Tricky Treat, from director Patricia Chica, about one family’s worrying Halloween tradition. Less predictable than one might expect, this film takes a twist that I recall coming up in the anthology film Trick R’ Treat and gives it another little turn, resulting in a horror short that’s essentially a visual joke.

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Inventive, gory, and unique horror that focuses on the human body was on display last night at FGBFF

Last night, one of the features of the program at Final Girls Berlin was a block of body horror short films ranging in theme, topic, and tone. I was able to screen four of them and found all to be very interesting and very different watching experiences. Every one, however, presented an interesting idea that highlighted truly terrifying violations of the human body.
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Final Girls Berlin celebrates women in horror

Two of the curators spill their guts in advance of the burgeoning film festival, taking place June 9-11 at Kino Moviement

Jun. 6, 2017 – Berlin has no shortage of film festivals, but has there been one dedicated to feminist horror? Well, there is now: Final Girls Berlin is taking place this weekend at the intimate Kino Moviemento. The festival – which takes its name from the trope of the last woman standing in a slasher film – gathers feature-lengths, short film programs, talks and more, with plenty of queer content along the way. Two of the curators, Elinor Lewy and Sara Neidorf, spill their guts with SIEGESSÄULE.
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Gut Gebrüllt: Die Final Girls

Vom 9. bis zum 11. Juni 2017 findet in Berlin zum zweiten Mal das Final Girls Film Festival statt, das Horrorfilme von Frauen* zeigt. Eine großartige Idee, wie ich finde, und deshalb eine Steilvorlage für eine neue Ausgabe von GUT GEBRÜLLT mit den Festival-Gründerinnen Elinor Lewy und Sara Neidorf über das Festival aber auch die Frage, was eigentlich das Besondere an Horrorfilmen von Frauen* ist.
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Die drei Töchter Draculas

Das Filmfestival „Final Girls Berlin“ zeigt am Wochenende im Z-inema von Frauen gemachte Horrorfilme in allen Spielarten des Genres.

Elinor Lewy und Sara Neidorf sind noch kurz vor Festivalbeginn mit beiden Händen beschäftigt: Für die erste Ausgabe des Filmfestivals Final Girls Berlin bügeln sie. Das ist ein ziemlich gewöhnungsbedürftiges Bild, mit dem man nun nicht gerade gerechnet hätte. Denn Final Girls hat sich dem Horrorfilm verschrieben, der entweder von Frauen gedreht, produziert oder geschrieben wurde (bestenfalls natürlich alles) und der vor allem nicht daran interessiert ist, Rollenstereotype zu wiederholen.
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