Feature Film – BOOK OF BIRDIE

20:30 – Feature Film – BOOK OF BIRDIE (1:31:00)

Written by Anami Tara Shucart & Elizabeth E. Schuch, Directed by Elizabeth E. Schuch, UK, 2017

When a fragile, imaginative teenager is placed in a remote convent, will her unusual obsessions and hallucinations become a mark of sainthood or dark heresy? Reserved teen Birdie is sequestered to a life of religious servitude by her grandmother, in the hope that it will suppress the young girl‘s dark thoughts. Now far from home, her interests remain far from pious, as she develops a fascination with blood and sparks a romance with the groundkeeper’s daughter. This haunting and aesthetically arresting directorial debut of Elizabeth E. Schuch features an all-woman cast.

The director will be present for a short Q&A after the screening.