Shorts Program 2 – Mind Games

17:00 – Shorts Program 2 – Mind Games

The films in this program are mind-bending and disorienting featuring characters wrestling with delusions or false preconceptions. Time, memory, and loyalties cannot be trusted as they are drawn by forces they cannot be sure are real, supernatural, or imagined…

Brown Wreck-Loose (5:37)

Written and Directed by Tristian Montgomery, US, 2017

Olive, a troubled woman, goes for a drive one restless night to quiet the obsessive thoughts that are swirling around in her head, and finds that her troubles run deeper than she thought. (European Premiere)

Liz Drives (7:59)

Written, Produced, and Directed by Mia’kate Russell, Australia, 2017

For estranged sisters Liz and Ellie being a family has never been easy – but there are some horrors you create yourself.

The Heavy Atoms (23:44)

Written, Produced, and Directed by Alice Evermore, Germany, 2017

A PhD student in Berlin encounters a mysterious child in the park… (World Premiere)

The Clip (6:46)

Directed by Maria Forslin, Sweden, 2016

A teenage girl receives a link displaying a live stream of her bedroom. Looking for answers she finds that the clip doesn’t only show the present but also her impending death. Suddenly she finds herself in a race against the clock to find a way to escape the apartment and whatever else lurks within.

Tone Death (3:50)

Written and Directed by Sinnead Stoddart, UK, 2017

In this animated short, Christopher Price is a brilliant pianist who has many fans, except during his latest concert when he loses the control of his left hand (who prefers to be known as Vincent Lee). Vincent wants the fame and glory for himself and will do whatever is necessary to steal the limelight, even if it means separating himself from the dead weight. (German Premiere)

Highway (10:09)

Written & Directed by Vanessa Gazy, Australia, 2016

A troubled young hitchhiker struggles to escape a fatal prophecy on a remote mountain highway. (German Premiere)

Black Coat (22:32)

Directed by Tatiana Vyshegorodseva, Russia, 2017

A girl wakes up by an unknown roadside. Not only does she have someone else’s black coat on, but she also can’t remember her own name. (World Premiere)

Don’t Open Your Eyes (10:00)

Directed by Adrián García Bogliano & Andrea Quiroz, Sweden, 2017

Sisters reunite after a year. One is suddenly doing incredibly well for herself and it’s all because of a mysterious hypnotic vinyl record with extraordinary powers. (German Premiere)

There will be a short Q&A with director Alice Evermore after the screening.