Shorts Program 3 – Dark Gatherings

19:00 – Shorts Program 3 – Dark Gatherings

Where would horror be without pacts, covens, cults, or occult gatherings and undertakings? Let’s peer into a vengeful feminist gang’s murder lair, two friend’s bloody dabblings in witchcraft, a dangerous game in dark woods, and even a pie eating contest, tainted by some insidious goings-on.

What Metal Girls are into (15:31)

Written and Directed by Laurel Veil, US, 2017

Three women go to a metal festival in the desert and find something disturbing in the freezer of their isolated vacation rental.

Blood Sisters (11:01)

Directed by Caitlin Koller, Australia, 2017

Amateur witchcraft conjures up bloody consequences. (European Premiere)

Spotlight (5:46)

Directed by Joe Savage, Produced by Natasha Jalonen, UK, 2017

Spotlight is a short, one shot horror film about four young girls who play a game of ‘Spotlight’ in the forest, but soon begin to suspect they might not be alone. (European Premiere)

Madder Isle (7:39)

Written and Directed by Laura Spark, UK, 2017

In a poisoned sea, on a forsaken rock, a holy sect seeks to bring about a new era, but Morgan discovers their intentions are not wholly pure, and there’s more to the Island than rocks and mud. (German Premiere)

The Penny Dropped (5:47)

Written, Produced, and Directed by A D Cooper, UK, 2016

A desperate woman seeks help from an unlikely source in a dark place. Neither of them realize that their futures will be decided by the flip of a coin. (Berlin Premiere)

Mab (15:08)

Written and Directed by Katie Bonham, UK, 2017

A magical realism short that uncovers the sacrifices people make to take control of their lives and the evils that lurk in the darkness of desperation. (German Premiere)

Prayers (1:30)

Directed by Edda Manriquez, US, 2016

Prayers is a hand processed, 16mm experimental horror piece that explores the mysticism of the occult and its ritualistic practices.

The Contest (7:54)

Written, Produced and Directed by Aimee Morgan, US, 2017

Female-driven horror/dark comedy about an annual cherry pie contest in a small town where one – or more – of the contestants is a murderer.

Devil is on his Way (6:05)

Written and Directed by Ophelie Neve, Belgium, 2017

A female gang decides to take revenge on the men who harass them, in a bloody, unexpected way… (German Premiere)

There will be a short Q&A with directors Caitlin Koller and Katie Bonham after the screening.