Shorts Program 4 – Metamorphoses

16:30 – Shorts Program 4 – Metamorphoses

These films feature a range of transformations in the physical, internal, supernatural, and even environmental realms. For many of us, there’s nothing scarier than watching the familiar grow increasingly and uncontrollably alien right before our very eyes.

Talking Heads (10:06)

Directed by Alyx Melone, Canada, 2017

A frightening surrealist fable about the lengths to which a woman will go to be beautiful.
(European Premiere)

The Day Mum Became a Monster (23:35)

Directed by Joséphine Hopkins, France, 2017

Candice lives alone with her mother. As Candice’s birthday approaches, her mother starts to change drastically, which plunges their fragile balance into a terrifying nightmare.
(German Premiere)

Apocalypse Babies (5:33)

Directed by Anabelle Berkani, Canada, 2017

Two children are wandering in a dead world where degenerate echoes of the past resonate.

Beautiful Injuries (8:43)

Directed by Judith Beauvallet, France, 2017

Whenever she feels sad, Rebecca has morbid images popping up in her mind. When the man she secretly loves starts dating another woman, her visions seem to merge into reality.
(German Premiere)

Nana (14:01)

Directed by Yunxuan Wang, China 2017

Nana gets the chance to work in her dream country, but she has to beat three competitors to reach her goal.

La Peau Sauvage (19:00)

Directed by Ariane Louis-Seize, Canada, 2016

The quiet life of a young and solitary woman is disturbed when she discovers a baby python in her apartment. This mysterious presence unleashes her deepest urges and will let her
express for the first time who she truly is.
(German Premiere)

There will be a short Q&A with director Judith Beauvallet after the screening.