Shorts Program 6 – Serial Killers

23:15 – Shorts Program 6 – Serial Killers

One kill is just not enough sometimes; some killers have to have more. This program has everything from aspiring killers-in-training, to seasoned veterans who find themselves tempted by old habits even when fresh out of prison… From a murderous fashion accessory to a first date gone horribly wrong, to a teenager’s coming-of-age at a festival celebrating Ted Bundy’s execution. Let’s finish off the festival with a bang.

Strange as Angels (27:08)

Directed by Austin Elston, Written and Produced by Emily Gallagher, US, 2017

An absurdist black comedy about Alice, an over-educated barista on the hunt for love.
(World Premiere)

Hobby Shop (8:12)

Directed by Stephanie Liquorish & Isabel Stanfield, Australia, 2017

After getting herself into trouble, young Sophia finds sanctuary in a mysterious Hobby Shop. Letting her curiosity get the better of her, she ventures through the store where she encounters a kind and frail man with a peculiar passion for marionettes. Following the man into the depths of his basement workshop, Sophia is confronted with not just the secrets of his craft, but also the tragedies of his past.

Marta (15:25)

Written, Produced, and Directed by Lucia Forner Segarra, Spain, 2017

Marta dreams of becoming a serial killer, but that line of work is harder than it seems…
(German Premiere)

Don’t Ever Change (10:00)

Directed by Don Swaynos, Produced by Jennifer Harlow, US, 2017

The reunion between a woman, freshly released from prison, and her estranged daughter is interrupted by a man with an unusual request.
(German Premiere)

Shoes (4:56)

Directed by Ray Kermani, Produced and Written by Ines Swinters, Belgium, 2017

A woman is haunted by something very unexpected.
(European Premiere)

Fry Day (16:01)

Written and Directed by Laura Moss, US, 2017

A teenage girl comes of age against the backdrop of serial killer Ted Bundy’s execution in 1989.
(German Premiere)

There will be a short Q&A with directors Lucia Forner Segarra and Laura Moss after the screening.