Workshop – Storyboarding with Elizabeth E. Schuch

14:30 – Workshop – Storyboarding with Elizabeth E. Schuch

Storyboarding is the art of pre-planning a film using a sequence of drawn or digitally constructed frames to help the creative and technical team visualise what the final film will look like. Especially when using visual effects and extensive post production, storyboards can be a time and cost saving tool to help get make the director’s vision come to like. Making a storyboard is also a great way to hone your directing skills and share your ideas.

In this workshop – we’ll go over the basics of storyboarding techniques and how it relates to what you see on screen. Even if you can’t draw, we’ll get you working on a sequence by the end of the class.

Director/designer Elizabeth E. Schuch has been working in London and internationally as a professional storyboard artist for 15 years, creative visuals for film (Wonder Woman, Pacific Rim 2), TV (BBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel) as well as live events (The Last Jedi London Premiere, The Kingsman London Premiere, TED Talks.) BOOK OF BIRDIE is her feature-length debut.

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