Final Girls @ Diabolique

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2017: Body Horror Short Programme

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival returned for its second year, running from 9-11 June 2017, and was again victorious in its offering of female-oriented horror films, ranging from the acclaimed anthology XX (2017) to explorations of obsession in In My Skin (2017).

The festival boasts some impressive shorts, showcasing themes like revenge, parental issues, and, my personal favorite, body horror. In fact, we were able to take a peek at some of the films in the lineup for this year’s Body Horror short block. Grab some popcorn – and chicken wings if you’re really brave – and snuggle up with some of these excellent short features.

Final Girls Berlin: ‘Women in Horror’ Film Festival

There was no shortage of blood and guts at last weekend’s Final Girls Berlin Film Festival. And this second instalment of the festival was dedicated to women filmmakers. On Saturday, the final Shorts Program of the night included a number of fantastic and complex features all dedicated to the theme of “Sweet Revenge.” It was an apropos way to conclude the day, as five of the event’s best horror flicks were on display.

Short Reviews from The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival

To me a short film programme often offers the audiovisual equivalent of a printed horror story anthology. What you get for your ticket is a step into the unknown with only the programme title to give you a hint of the ecstasies, dread, and if you are unlucky, disappointment that you are about to experience.